Meet Your Team

Product Manager

Why is it important to you that your work has a positive impact in the world?

It is my passion to deliver technology solutions that make people’s lives better. Knowing that we are making a positive impact in people’s lives keeps me motivated to come to work every day.

Product Designer

What’s your favorite nPlan benefit, and why?

My favorite benefit at nPlan is the swap of holidays. I’m located in Portugal, so it is more beneficial to keep the Portuguese holidays so that I can spend time with my family and don’t need to use the days off for that.

People Operations Associate

How do you work with your team?

We have standups throughout the week to catch up, align on our weekly projects and report on progress. We also have an awesome team-ops slack channel where we can ask for help, a quick proof read or even just bounce ideas! The best part; we get together in person at least once a month to work together as a team, bond and do something a bit different!

Talent Acquisition Manager

What's the hardest part about working at nPlan?

The standards of the team is so high that sometimes on your bad days, it can be difficult to think that everyone has one. But there is so much support in the team I found just reaching out to anyone on the team can sort this.

Executive Assistant and Office Manager

What do you enjoy doing when not at work?

I'm quite social so I tend to spend my spare time meeting up with friends or family but if the weather isn't great, I like to get creative by cooking up a new recipe or by doing something arty like painting.

Software Engineer

What do you enjoy most about working at nPlan?

The culture is relaxed but nPlanauts are highly motivated individuals that set high goals for themselves. You are allowed to choose what you would like to work on because the company cares about and supports your personal development.

Frontend Engineer

What learning opportunities have you taken advantage of at nPlan?

I set three-month personal goals (OKRs) with my manager. One of the key results I’ve had for the past three months is to develop my skills presenting in public about technical concepts. Every two weeks, I’ve asked a coworker or a group of coworkers to be my audience as I present on a new topic, and their enthusiasm to help me and give me honest feedback has been so motivating.

Business Development Representative

What made you decide to join nPlan?

Every interview I had made me want to join nPlan more because each person I spoke to was so kind, intelligent and passionate about what they do. It was incredibly exciting.

Commercial Director, EMEA

How do you like to manage your team?

It's important to me that everyone is happy, productive and additive to our team.  So we make sure that we have an environment that promotes those states, in that order.

Marketing Lead

What made you decide to join nPlan?

Smart people solving a real problem (that needs to be solved) in a challenging market.

Risk Engineer

How have nPlan allowed you to develop your career?

nPlan is sponsoring me through my IRM (Institute of Risk Management) Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) course which is a recognised as the industry standard qualification in ERM.

Risk Engineer

What makes a good nPlanaut?

I feel as though a good nPlanaut is someone who is seeking to always improve by being very inquisitive about problems they observe or experience. They care deeply and always seek to contribute wherever they can.

Client Data Scientist

What do you like most about nPlan’s mission?

I hope that our work will make sure that people have access to important infrastructure, that has a meaningful impact on their day to day lives in time.

Machine Learning Research Scientist

What's your favorite nPlan benefit and why?

A key component of nPlan’s culture is that success is measured based on performance. Consequently, as long as you make your meetings and answer requests for information or help in a timely manner, you can choose your own hours. I find this very useful because it helps me maintain more of a work life balance.