Forget what it's like to coast.

With Learn from Everything as one of our core values, we’re all for life being a constant learning journey, and will do everything we can to enable that. Here’s some more detail on a few of the things we do here at nPlan to support this:

4 figure training budget

We aim to spend at least £1000 per nPlanaut per year on training & development. This budget can be used on pretty much anything that supports your learning and development! Whether it be a new book, professional memberships, a course, or conference, if it’s going to support your development, we’ll make it happen! 

'I love the training and development allowance as there are relatively small items that I would normally need to pay for, and would help me to gain a more rounded knowledge of my field, I know this is covered and without big bureaucratic processes that I would have experienced in previous jobs.'
Richard, Principal Risk Engineer


Our *new* in house future leaders accelerator programme. Fast tracking early career nPlanauts to the next dimension. 6 months of external coaching, training on leadership soft skills and mentoring with our senior leadership team, followed by 6 months putting it all into practice on some real wicked company problems.

'An awesome 6 months.'

Naman, Software Engineer

‘A real privilege to take time out from my normal day-to-day to work on myself and find out what it takes to be a great leader.’

Petra, Machine Learning Engineer

Go where the learning is

We’re super keen for nPlanauts to immerse themselves in whatever learning experiences they can. And if that means attending a conference in an exotic country, we’re all for it! (make sure you consider taking advantage of our work from anywhere scheme at the same time!)This year we’ve had nPlanauts attend conferences in Mexico, Lisbon, Tokyo and Greece, for example.

Peer coaching

We have an internal peer coaching programme which provides a pathway for learning, development and skill-sharing with someone from a different part of the business. Anyone can take part as either a coach or coachee -  or both!

'It's been great to be stimulated by people that work in a very different setting. I often discover something about myself and get a spike in motivation. This doesn't just apply to being a coachee, every time I try to navigate others I also gain so much from the conversation.'
Gwen, Risk Engineer

Reading is for winners

Our burgeoning lending library is all yours to access, and you can also help us curate the collection with any book requests!