Vitality health insurance

We’ve partnered with Vitality to offer Private Medical insurance for all UK based nPlanauts. Vitality offers quick and easy access to GPs and also offers loads of great rewards when you stay healthy and get active - like discounts on apple watches, free cinema tickets and free coffees at Caffe Nero.

'I love that it gives me these tiny incentives (cinema tickets, free coffee, ...) to be active during the week.'

Carlos, Product Manager

'I've had to use Vitality GP, it's been quite easy to get a booking and their app is straightforward and user-friendly.'

Gerard, Senior Data Scientist

Monthly fitness stipend

We know just how important it is to stay fit and healthy, so we contribute £50 a month towards your health and fitness, whether that be to pay for a gym subscription, join a running club, or a Zwift membership. As long as it’s a fitness activity we’ll subsidise it!

'I love it because you don't just have to use it at 3 or 4 gyms, I can use it for the type of exercise I like to do!'

Sarah, Operations Director

Employee Assistance Programme

Access to a dedicated confidential support line to help you deal with personal issues that may be impacting your work performance and wellbeing. Counselling, legal consultations and online programmes are just a few of the many support options available.

Group life insurance

One of our ‘peace of mind’ benefits, it pays out a tax-free lump sum of 4x salary to nominated beneficiaries on the event of your death while working at nPlan. It also comes with some handy extras like bereavement and probate support.

Group Critical illness cover

Another one of our ‘peace of mind’ benefits, it pays out a tax-free lump sum of 1 x your salary on diagnosis of a serious illness.

Free Headspace Subscription

Free access to a world of meditation and mindfulness tools to help improve your health and happiness. You can find more info about headspace here.

'Starting headspace was one of the best life-changing decisions I ever made. I'd had no idea how doing a 10 minute daily session could be so transformative and was so grateful for the results!

It's amazing how such a small commitment leads to lasting benefits for stress, anxiety and mood. Since starting it I try to talk everyone into it!'

Lucienne, Data Engineer

Enhanced Sick Pay

We want all nPlanauts to take the time they need to rest and recover, without having to worry about the financial implications, so we will continue to pay you in any rolling period of 12 months:

4 weeks full pay, then;
4 weeks half pay, then;
4 weeks at 25% pay or the statutory amount, whichever is higher;
Then onto the statutory amount up until the 28th week.

Group Income protection

Another one of our ‘peace of mind’ benefits, it pays out 50% of basic salary should you become unable to work for a prolonged period of time (up to 5 years).

Unlimited holiday

All nPlanauts have a minimum of 29 days of paid vacation per year, including public holidays. We don’t have a maximum number of paid holiday days per year. We think each nPlanaut should own their outcomes and in doing so manage their time accordingly. Some nPlanauts end up taking their contractual minimum, others take much more  -  so long as you're delivering on your outcomes, we're happy!

'It’s so refreshing to be able to take holiday when you want, without having to worry about how much you’ve got left! It really makes planning holidays more enjoyable and less anxiety inducing!'

Freya, People Operations Associate

Working from abroad

We fully support and encourage nPlanauts to make the most of flexible working locations, whether it’s extending a holiday or trip visiting family/friends, provided there’s good wifi connection and a reasonable time difference, we can normally make it work! So far in 2022 we’ve had nPlanauts working from Mexico, France, Colombia, Portugal and Mauritius to name just a few, where next?

'It makes me feel like I'm trusted with my work and time. I love that I can travel or work from my parents' place and don't have to stress about how many holiday days I have left etc.'

Natalia, Data Scientist

Flexible working hours

We trust nPlanauts to know when they work best, and trust them to deliver their work in line with this. Whilst there may be a few exceptions, we generally try to schedule core meetings between 10 and 3, so nPlanauts can flex on what suits them best either side of that. We also record all big company meetings so people can watch them back at a time that suits them.

'I tend to wake up at the crack of dawn so I really enjoy being able to get on with my work at a time that suits me instead of hanging around and waiting until 9/10am to start'

Alex, Executive Assistant & Office Manager

Government backed EMI scheme

We include all nPlanauts in our government backed EMI scheme, because we deeply believe that everyone should have the chance to be an owner of this amazing business. We not only want to build it together, but also to celebrate in the success of our shared goals together. You can find out more on how EMI schemes work here.

Peer nominated recognition

We have a very popular peer nominated recognition scheme called ‘Super fives’ (as it’s essentially a supercharged high five!) where every nPlanaut gets a set yearly budget to award to fellow nPlanauts who go above and beyond throughout the year.

'I’ve never heard of another company doing it and it’s a really good way to reward colleagues!'

Jack, Talent Acquisition Manager

Flexible working locations

We have a fantastic office in Aldgate with a private terrace, lots of snacks and plenty of working space. However, we give our nPlanauts a high degree of autonomy and want them to be empowered to do their best work. Some of our team are fully remote, some people prefer to work from the office, and some people enjoy a mix of both - we'll try our very best to support what works best for you.

'I really appreciate being able to work in different locations and not having to report to the office everyday. It's allowed me to be there for my family which is really important to me so thank you nPlan!'

Alex, Executive Assistant & Office Manager


We have a pension with Smart Pension to help us all be able to enjoy later life. nPlan contributes 3% of your qualifying earnings, you contribute 5% of qualifying earnings. Though you can of course up your contributions if you wish!

Season ticket loans

Travel season tickets can be expensive, nPlan cover the big upfront yearly cost of your travel season ticket, and you then pay it back monthly through your salary over 12 months so you can take less of a financial hit in one go!


Cyclescheme allows you to purchase a brand new bike and accessories through the salary sacrifice scheme. That means no upfront costs and a tax-efficient way to get moving on two wheels!

Yearly retreat

We organise a yearly retreat where we get together and focus on company related tasks, full-team workshops, and lots of fun stuff! It's important to us to spend time downing tools and celebrating our successes, building bonds and sparking new ideas.

Grossing up benefits

All benefits at nPlan don’t cost nPlanauts anything to take up! Normally, employees have to pay the tax on certain benefits they choose to take up, because those benefits have a monetary value (aka ‘Benefits in kind). But, here at nPlan, we want everyone to feel like they can make the most of our benefits, so we reimburse that tax cost to you at the end of each tax year.

Office snacks + free food

Our office is kitted out with all the snacks and drinks to help keep us stay well-fuelled and hydrated when working in the office. We normally do monthly team lunches, and also order a cheeky deliveroo for whoever swings by for our weekly Thursday socials!

Electric Vehicle Salary Sacrifice Scheme

We’re signed up to the electric vehicle salary sacrifice scheme - where you can pay for an electric car each month from your gross salary – that’s before tax and other contributions are deducted.

Family friendly policies & benefits

Whether you’re becoming a parent for the first time or need time off to look after a poorly child, we’ll try to support you as best we can. Here’s a quick overview of our family friendly policies and benefits:

Enhanced maternity leave
14 weeks at full pay, remaining 25 weeks at 50% pay (after 12 months employment)

Enhanced paternity leave
7 weeks at full pay (after 12 months employment)

Adoption leave
14 weeks at full pay, remaining 25 weeks at 50% pay (after 12 months employment)

Shared parental leave
50% of your salary for up to 37 weeks (after 12 months employment)

Unpaid parental leave
Maximum of 18 weeks per child, to look after a child or make arrangements for the good of the child

Welcome back programme
The first 2 months back at work after being on leave will be a reduced 30 hr week on full pay

Free childcare for our Christmas party and annual retreat
It’s really important to us that you’re at these events

£100 cash via Vitality when you have or adopt a child

Workplace nursery benefit
The Workplace Nursery Benefit allows you to save thousands of pounds on nursery fees in the UK each year through tax and NI savings

Miscarriage leave policy
Supported time off to cope with miscarriage

All the nPlan babygrows!